Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital has a success rate of (95%) in pediatric heart surgeries

A medical team at the Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced that it had performed (600) open heart surgeries for children with a success rate of (95%). It also indicated that it has an advanced center for the care of patients with heart operations, which is characterized by conducting operations for children of less than 3 months.

The director of the hospital, Dr. Jassim Al-Ibrahimi, said: “Within four years, the hospital performed (600) open-heart surgeries for children of different ages, and achieved a success rate of (95%), which is comparable to and competes with cardiac surgery centers in hospitals in developed countries,” indicating: “ The operations were conducted by Iraqi and foreign doctors, who are among the world's famous doctors in open heart surgery for children, "while referring to the reason for the hospital’s success in this field to the medical and nursing staff and modern technologies that have accompanied medical development worldwide.

For his part, Director of the Pediatric Heart Surgery Center at the hospital, Dr. Ahmed Aboudi, said: “Despite its recent establishment, the center is comparable to its counterparts at the level of heart surgery centers in other countries,” indicating that: “It was established in 2017 inside the hospital, with high infrastructure and technology, and specialized medical and nursing staff. We have succeeded in making it a suitable alternative for patients who were forced to travel outside the country for the purpose of treatment."

Dr. Aboudi added, "The work in the center started at an increasing pace from its inception until October of 2020, as we performed (600) operations, (300) operations conducted by an Iraqi medical team and (300) operations conducted by a foreign medical team," explaining: " The success rates for intermediate surgeries (openings between the two ventricles for all ages and weights) and for complete repair of the quadruple (Fallot) reached (97%), while the success rates for complex operations reached (94%), which is close to what is found in international heart centers."

The pediatric cardiac surgeon said: "The most important characteristic of this center is the conduct of heart surgeries for children of young ages and low weights, who suffer from openings between the ventricles, the quadriceps of the Fallot and other birth defects."

For his part, the head of intensive care for cardiac surgery at the hospital, Dr. Ahmed Ali Al-Mayahi, stated: “This center is equipped with highly efficient technologies and devices at the level of what is found in advanced hospitals,” indicating: “The patient is under strict supervision around the clock throughout his stay in the center.”

Dr. Al-Mayahi added, "The medical and nursing team members present at the center are trained and specialized to work in such centers, and they possess high skills to deal with heart surgery patients," pointing out that: "The center can deal with children of less than 5 kg weight and above (3) months old.”
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