Active continuity in achieving the Alkafeel specialist hospital in Babylon

Concrete structure of the hospital
The Department of the Architectural Project of the El-Abbas holy shrine has confirmed that 80% of the preliminary stage of the project was achieved, which equals 30% of the whole project.

The implementing entity is El-Beldawi Group, which is one of the best groups in Iraq.
Engineer Ali mentioned that the preliminary stage of the whole project is being finalized based on the blueprint laid out by the company.

It has been mentioned that the materials and designs are laid out according to the international standards.

it has also been mentioned that the hospital diameter is 16200 square meters as three stories, in addition to a vault of 21000 square meters. It is 20 meters high, and its capacity is 100 beds, in addition to an attachment for services.
It's also fully equipped with the best devices of the best international qualities.
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