The Indonesian Ambassador to Iraq: My visit to the Al-Kafeel Museum represents a bright milestone in my life.

The Indonesian ambassador to Iraq, Elmar Iwan Lubis, visited the al-Kafeel museum of treasures and manuscripts at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, where a number of museum exhibition hall officials informed him of the latest developments in the museum in terms of display and storage.
Mr. Lubis expressed his great admiration and astonishment at what he saw in the museum of precious and rare artifacts, and he expressed this by saying: “I would like to express my deep thanks and gratitude for my presence in this sacred place. It is a beautiful and wonderful place that has a glorious history and I am honored to be here, and this visit is from the bright milestones in my life. I extend my thanks and appreciation to all the workers and those in charge of this work."
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