First of its kind in Iraq: Manufacturing plastic muqarnas & use them in El-Abbas holy shrine

Mosaic Wall sign written with verses of Quran

Within the stages of the expansion project being achieved in the El-Abbas holy shrine, the personnel of the Ardul Quds Construction Company began to fix the Arabic Islamic calligraphy that verses of Noble Quran written with.

The commissioned manager of the company Engineer Hemeed Mejeed, said to Alkafeel Global Network that the written piece is 400 meters long, and one meter high. 18 meters have been achieved. The muqarnas pieces of the Noble Quran written on are 30% inlaid with gold. He also mentioned that the pieces of muqarnas are heat resistant, and are of the best quality.

This design has added approximately 10000 square meters. It is also built three stories, where the diameter equals 30000 square meters vertical diameter.

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