With "laser": Removing a tumor from the vocal cords at the al-Kafeel Hospital.

A medical team at the Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine announced its success in raising a tumor from the vocal cords of a patient in his fifties.
An otolaryngologist at the hospital, Dr. Nadhem Omran, said: “Our medical team succeeded in removing a tumor from the vocal cords of a 50-year-old patient,” indicating that the operation was performed using laser technology.
He added: “The patient suffered for a whole year from the presence of hoarseness in his voice, and when he visited us, the necessary tests were conducted and we found that he had a tumor on the vocal cords,” pointing out that: “The techniques available in Al-Kafeel Hospital's operating theaters, including laser technology, are what encouraged us to continuously conduct such operations."
Dr. Imran pointed out: "The patient regained his health status after the operation, and returned to his family to practice his life normally, and he enjoys his male voice as it was before."
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