The first step to treating children with special needs.

The joint committee between the Department of Education and Higher Education and Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital visited Al-Kafeel Institute for Learnable Children, to closely examine the distinguished services provided by the institute for the segment of children who are able to learn.

This visit comes as a continuation of the committee's work procedures for integrative diagnosis and treatment of children with (special needs) in the al-Ameed educational group.

Regarding this visit, the official of the Special Education Division in the Department of Education and Higher Education, Dr. Imad Al-Dhalemi, said: “This visit came as a continuation of the first meeting that was held at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital last week, with the aim of conducting an integrated diagnosis of (special needs) cases at the Al-Kafeel Institute for Learnable Children in addition to introducing the members of the committee to the pioneering and distinguished experience of the Al-Kafeel Institute, which is based on scientific foundations accredited according to international programs."

Al-Dhalemi added, "The committee discussed ways of joint cooperation with the center and mechanisms for providing services to children suffering from speech and language disorder, and referring them to the aforementioned hospital for the purpose of conducting diagnosis and auditory rehabilitation for each of them."

On her part, Mr Sarah Al-Haffar, Director of the Al-Kafeel Institute for Learnable Children, said: “The institute is keen to diagnose and train children who are able to learn, through appropriate rehabilitative methods and internationally approved programs, in addition to the presence of staff specialized in the field of integrative diagnostics.”

And she continued, "The visit came with the aim of learning about the institute's available capabilities and exploring mechanisms for joint cooperation, to reach an accurate, integrative diagnosis for every case of this group of children, as well as to provide special training in the field of speech and language."
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