Non-invasive treatments offered by the Joint Center at al-Kafeel Hospital.

The Joint and Medical Rehabilitation Center at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital is one of the modern centers that treat patients according to one of the medical techniques used in this field, and is specialized in drug treatment without the need for surgical intervention.
The specialist in joint diseases and medical rehabilitation at the center, Dr. Manhal Muhammad Mahdi explained to Al-Kafeel Network, saying: "The center specializes in the pharmacological treatment of immune-rheumatic diseases, sovanian diseases, slippage and sports injuries without surgical intervention, with the rehabilitation of patients before and after the surgical intervention."
He added, "The center has played a major role in diagnosing some complex cases of rheumatism, and in directing patients towards appropriate treatment."
He continued: "It also had a role in excluding or postponing the need for surgical intervention for slipped vertebrae, or knee osteoarthitis for patients who could not undergo operations."
He indicated: "The center provides its services throughout the week, receiving dozens of cases."
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