Organizing an awareness lecture to prevent the Corona epidemic.

The Women Medical Commission of as-Siddiqah at-Tahirah (peace be upon her) of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine organized an awareness-raising lecture on ways to prevent the Corona epidemic in the workplace, and to introduce the dangers and symptoms of the second wave of this virus, for a group of female cadres working at the Holy Shrine.

Regarding this lecture, Mrs. Bushra Al-Kinani, a member of the administrative and founding committee, explained to the al-Kafeel Network, saying: “This lecture is part of a series of lectures that the commission holds weekly on many themes and topics, and falls within the educational and awareness part of the work of the commission, as it is one of the most important components that lead to prevention from this epidemic or other diseases. "

She added: "The lecture was presented by Dr. Saba Al-Janabi, Dr. Iqbal Abu Al-Hob, and Dr. Ghazwa Al-Tamimi, who gave an introduction to the virus that is sweeping our world and paralyzing our lives, and affirming commitment and action to the directives and guidelines of the World Health Organization, as well as the most important methods of protection and immunity strengthening through the appropriate food way for the sick and how to deal with the affected ones. "

Al-Kinani continued: “A part of the lecture was devoted to how to provide a safe and healthy work environment to prevent this epidemic, by following hygiene practices, keenness to use the masks and achieving the principle of social distancing, as well as the use of sterilizers and disinfectants that have an effective effect to eliminate germs. In addition to that, answers were given to the questions of the participants in this lecture.”
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