Umm al-Baneen Library is the first women's library in Iraq to operate the MARC 21 system

The Umm al-Baneen (peace be upon her) women's library affiliated to the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Department at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has obtained an international symbol for the MARC 21 system, which is the most important and most recent standard form of communication at the international level, and which takes into account in its structure and components all the needs of standard machine-readable indexing of various information containers, in addition to all that is achieved by retrieving its data using modern technologies. Thus it is the first women's library in Iraq to work with this system and obtain its code.
For more details, the Director of the Library, Mrs. Asma Al-Abadi, spoke to Al-Kafeel Network, saying: “The library now has an approved international indexing symbol (IQ-KaWLB) attached to the index cards in field (040) that the Women's Indexing Unit in the library works on, and can share it with the rest of the other regional and international libraries to spread the benefit. This step came in cooperation with the Indexing and Information Systems Center of the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Department."
She explained: “The use of this system will provide the possibility of using the same data in more than one automatic system, and open the door for cooperation between libraries of all kinds and specializations, as well as contribute to facilitating the possibilities of participating in unified indexes and databases at the local, national and regional levels. The system is characterized by being more accurate, as it is possible to search in any general or sub-field. In addition, it allows the possibility of using all the spellings of all living languages, in addition to other features."
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