A series of precautionary measures taken by the al-Ameed educational group.

The al-Ameed educational group of the Education and Higher Education Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has started an extensive campaign and strict precautionary and preventive measures, coinciding with the start of the semi-annual exams for its learners, in a way that contributes to the provision of a healthy study environment that contributes to achieving the principle of safety and public health for the teaching staff and learners alike.
Dr. Ahmad Al-Kaabi, head of the aforementioned department, told Al-Kafeel Network that: “As part of its endeavors to receive its learners to perform the semi-annual exams, and in order to provide a safe and healthy school environment for learners and their educational staff in light of the repercussions of the spread of the Corona epidemic, the al-Ameed educational group has undertaken a series of preventive measures, including an extensive sterilization campaign of the classes, halls and service facilities in all the al-Ameed educational group schools, in addition to preparing a set of sterile and disinfecting materials and masks, as well as organizing examination rooms that achieve the principle of social distancing and other matters that help prevent this epidemic, in addition to conducting continuous awareness and guidance campaigns."
It is noteworthy that the group has formed mobile teams working on sterilizing all its facilities, as a precaution to limit the spread of the Corona epidemic, as well as other preventive measures.
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