Al-Abbas Fighting Squad resumes its preventive activities.

The cadres of the Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad in Wasit governorate resumed their work to combat the Corona epidemic, due to the increasing number of confirmed cases in Wasit and in response to the many appeals from the people of the city.
The central media of the Squad stated: The cadres of our squad proceeded through sterilization campaigns of government institutions and departments, as well as health awareness campaigns to introduce the seriousness of this epidemic, to emphasize adherence to the directives issued by health institutions. The rapid response team was activated to visit the homes of the confirmed cases to provide them with bottles of Oxygen, sterilizers and masks."
Explaining: "Health instructions were explained and masks were distributed to citizens, with an emphasis on adherence to health directives related to prevention, such as wearing masks and social distancing, amid the praise of the official authorities and citizens, for the Squad’s role in these circumstances."
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