The start of the research sessions for the third international conference of Al-Kafeel University.

This afternoon (8 Sha'ban 1442 AH) corresponding to (March 22, 2021), the research sessions of the Third International Scientific Conference on Medical, Engineering and Pure Sciences, which is being held by Al-Kafeel University in cooperation with Al-Ameed University, Al-Kafeel Hospital and the National University of Malaysia (UKM), started today.

According to the president of Al-Kafeel University, Professor Nawras Al-Dahan, he said: “We hope that this conference will be a place for fertilization of ideas, ripening scientific visions, enriching the knowledge and cultural storage of scientists and researchers, and opening new and wide horizons for them to think about what it includes of great positive effects on society.”

He added: "The number of research papers that came to the conference reached (535) five hundred and thirty-five researches, and the number of accepted ones reached (341) three hundred and forty-one, as the number of international researches participating in the conference reached more than forty research and were from: (United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Belarus, China, Pakistan, Malaysia, Australia, India, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Egypt, and Morocco), as well as Iraq, represented by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with its 29 twenty-nine public universities and (19) nineteen private universities and colleges.

He explained: "There is also the participation of some ministries, such as the Ministry of (Health, Science and Technology, Oil, and Agriculture), and all accepted research will be published in international journals classified within Scopas and Clarfit."

Al-Dahan pointed out: “The research sessions will be distributed over five main halls at the university, in which all public health and safety measures are taken into account, or electronically through the (ZOOM) platform via the link listed in the below:

Passcode: Kafeel

The topics of the research sessions will be as follows:

- (medical and dentistry) 45 papers.

- (Pharmacy) 63 papers.

- (Engineering & Sciences) 77 papers.

- (Medical and Health Techniques) 178 papers.
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