The Sheikh Al-Kulayni complex begins the seasonal planting.

The official of the Sheikh Al-Kulayni service complex of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, Sayed. Ali Mahdi Al-Safi, announced the initiation of planting and multiplying various trees, flowers and seasonal ornamental plants in its nursery, which will be used in the summer season, as part of the plan to maintain and increase green areas in a manner that suits the weather circumstances and contributes to drawing the green map of this complex.
He added: "The complex contains two nurseries, the first is the permanent nursery dedicated to permanent seedlings, which has an area of ​​200 square meters, and the second has an area of ​​48 square meters and is dedicated to seasonal seedlings. There is a specialized cadre from the Agriculture Unit working to maintain and continue working in these nurseries, setting up a plan for planting and multiplying the plants and seedlings that we benefit from in the complex and its surroundings. We have achieved self-sufficiency from these seedlings, praise be to God."
Al-Safi continued: "The first cultivation that we started with is the cultivation of several different varieties of flowers and roses for the summer season, and many other permanent varieties in the large nursery."
He affirmed: "There is an ambitious plan that we will work to implement, which is to increase the areas of the nurseries in addition to bringing in various plants and trees and new varieties."
He concluded: "Our work did not stop in the nursery, but rather it continues throughout the days of the year. We have produced a variety of roses of all kinds and other groups of ornamental plants, according to a timetable set to ensure the production of good and high quality varieties."
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