A medical team at the al-Kafeel Hospital rescues a case rejected by several hospitals.

A medical team at the Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced its success in the delivery of a fetus for a Baghdad woman who suffers from a heart failure, while indicating that many hospitals refused to receive her for fear of the possibility of death of both mother and baby.
The obstetrician and gynecologist at the hospital, Dr. Azhar Abed Falih, said: “The patient is in the ninth month of her pregnancy and suffers from heart failure and anemia. She has had three previous caesarean sections and needs special care after the operation,” explaining : "The ability of Al-Kafeel Hospital and the modern technologies that it possesses had a great role in receiving such a case. Without that, it would have been difficult for us to receive it."
"After conducting the necessary tests for the patient, we successfully performed the operation, and (24) hours after the operation, the patient left the hospital with her baby, and they are in good health," added Dr. Abed Falih.
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