ornamentation & lights all over the El-Abbas Holy Shrine on the Birthday of Imam Er-Rida (PBUH)

Coinciding with the Birthday of Imam Er-Rida (PBUH), the El-Abbas Holy Shrine has ornamented the Holy Shrine entrances with flowers and lights, which reflected the happiness of celebrating the great Birthday of Imam Er-Rida (PBUH), and created a blissful atmosphere for the pilgrims.

Also, the Holy Shrine has hung a huge piece of writing on the main entrance of El-Abbas Holy Shrine, saying "peace be upon you Imam Ali, the son of Imam Musa Er-Rida {PBUH}.)

The El-Abbas Holy Shrine has witnessed a great crowd of pilgrims and adorers of Ahlulbait (PBUT), who attended on such an occasion to express their happiness.
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