Training on the ambulatory medical triage system.

The Al-Kafeel Academy for Ambulance and Medical Training affiliated with the Development and Sustainable Development Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine organized a course on the medical and emergency triage system in which a number of the department's trainers participated.

This course is part of the program of workshops and courses established at the Holy Shrine in various specializations, which aims to develop the capabilities of its workers and make them more prepared for the exercise of the duties assigned to them.

The lecturer during this course; Mohammad Salih Salman, stated: “The emergency medical triage system is one of the modern scientific methods, as it works according to the principle of evaluating cases, including clear medical criteria aimed at determining the priorities of aid and presenting the dangerous ones on the medium and the light, and the various cases received for the emergency department are distinguished by certain colors or numbers so that it is easy for the paramedic or doctor to go towards the most serious and urgent cases."

Indicating: This system can be applied outside hospitals, and this is used usually during wars and natural disasters such as earthquakes, and wherever there are field hospitals. And the course also included several axes, the most important of which were (the meaning of colors in the ambulatory medical triage system, classification of injury with three priorities, and paramedic jobs).
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