700 – 6152 Husseinian processions increase registered from all over the world

Head of the department

The Department of Husseinian Processions of the Imam Hussein and El-Abbas Holy Shrines continues registering the Husseinian processions requiring registration from all over the world in order to participate in the millionth pilgrimage to Imam Hussein (PBUH).

Haj Reyad Ni'ma Es-Selman, the head of the Department said that the Department of the Husseinian Procession I distinctive with is that it represents the live image of the pilgrimage by arranging the rituals and rites usually performed.

He mentioned that the department had 700 processions after the X-regime was toppled, and then went on increasing till last year which became 6152 processions that entered Kerbala. The last statistics of the processions inside and outside of Iraq was 32743 processions the total.

It's been mentioned that due to the great number of pilgrims and tribes that annually attend Kerbala to perform pilgrimage to Imam Hussein and El-Abbas (PBUT), the management of the Holy Shrines of Kerbala decided to form a group of experts and specialists in order to manage the whole process of the processions. Such a process needs a great constant funding, and as long as the Holy Shrines in Kerbala are considered the major ones, they take care of everything required for that
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