The (Dhaygham) project is a new initiative to support the poultry sector.

The Al-Kafeel Company for Public Investments affiliated to the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has adopted a new project specialized in raising broiler poultry, especially since the Holy Shrine has initiated the opening of a poultry slaughterhouse. And thus this project is considered a tributary to the local market and supports the economic side in the country.

Engineer Ali Maz'al Layedh, Head of the Agricultural Affairs and Livestock Department at Al-Kafeel Company for Public Investments said: “The Al-Dhaygham project for raising broiler chickens is one of the projects of a strategic nature, because of its role in providing chicken meat inside the local market, which is a new step of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine as part of its comprehensive project aimed at supporting the national product and supporting the national economy.

He added: "The project is established on an area of ​​(287) dunums and is located on the (Karbala / Al-Hurr) road in the Al-Sawada region. It includes two halls for raising the (15,000) broiler chickens, which will be provided to supplement the slaughterhouse with the finest species after subjecting them to a tight working mechanism, through providing good fodder and a suitable environment for raising them."

He emphasized: “The Agricultural Affairs and Livestock Department seeks to develop the project in the coming months, to reach the production capacity of 100,000 chickens, by expanding the project and building additional halls with modern and advanced specifications.”
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