El-Ameed schools constructed by the El-Abbas Holy Shrine to be inaugurated

The El-Abbas Holy Shrine has constructed schools named Al-Ameed. IT is a step forward to reflect the great attention the El-Abbas Holy Shrine takes in the field of education.

It's been named El-Ameed, due to one of the epithets that El-Abbas (PBUH) has. Mr. Maithem Rahi Ez-Zaidi, the head of the project and a member of the management ofthe El-Abbas Holy Shrine said to the Alkafeel Global Network that project is divided into two phases:
1. The near-term phase includes, typical schools include nursery, kindergarten, two elementary schools, one for boys and the other one is for girls.
2. The long-term phase includes constructing a knowledgeable complex which includes the educational facilities starting with the nursery up to the university.

It's been mentioned that all the educational system has been permitted to operate, and it is all based on the regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education of Iraq.

A group of experts and specialists from inside and outside of Iraq has been formed in order to achieve remarkable results. Approximately, 58 teachers of two hundreds have been accepted. The method of teaching and the curriculum has been chosen accurately.

Schools work at eight o'clock in the morning to four o'clock afternoon. Two meals are servied to the students. The whole system built and equipped according to the international standards.

A specific uniform will be adopted during school time according to the gender. Also, an educational instructor, medical team, and psychiatric have been appointed to each school for periodical check-up.
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