Dining hall of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine in a historical glimpse

Dining hall of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine
Dining hall of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine is one of the old dining halls in Kerbala. It was constructed 1980. During the campaign that Sadam made against Shiite people, the dining hall was used as a prison.

In 1991, during the Sh'banya uprising against Sadam, the dining hall was restored to be used at a dining hall. Right after the uprising, it has been closed and then opened in 2003 once the ex-regime was toppled.

After the Supreme Religious Authority took over the Holy Shrines in Kerbala, they opened it again and people from everywhere began to come every single day asking for food through which they seek blessing.

A special management has been formed in order to manage it in an extended way, and then officially opened in Sep 7, 2005 coincides with the birthday of the El-Abbas (PBUH).

It's been mentioned that the dining hall offers thousands of meals every single day for free for pilgrims. Also, it has been extended in Nov 2, 2012 in order to fit a greater number of pilgrims than before, which now fits 700 pilgrims.
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