Continuity of Alkafeel project in Babylon, & Babylon local government willing to facilitate all the needs

Governor of Babylon during his visit
Alkafee Specialized Hospital is one of the medical project being achieved. Such a hospital greatly serves all Iraqi people, and Babylon people particularly. It has been named Alkafee in comparison to El-Abbas (PBUH).

The Governor of Babylon has visited Alkafeel hospital and said, "All the governmental offices in Babylon are willing to offer this project anything possible in order to achieve it successfully and in a very short time."

He also mentioned that the hospital would take a great part in enhancing the health level. Also said, "This project will attract so many people from all over Iraq, in addition to attract doctors from inside and outside of Iraq."

The head of the Investment Office in Babylon said, "The project is one of the investment project in Babylon. We also found that the progress of the project is ongoing very well."

It's been mentioned that the 16,200 sq. meter hospital will serve an impressive 100 beds at capacity. It is three stories, in addition to a 21.000 sq meter basement. Also, it is 20 metre high, in addition to an attach building
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