The Iraqi digital repository records more than four and a half million entries.

The Digital Information Center of the Library and Manuscripts House of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced that the number of entrants to the Iraqi digital repository of dissertations and university letters, has reached (4,619,869) four million six hundred and nineteen thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine users during the year (2020), according to the accurate statistics of the site despite the short presence in the cyberspace.
The Director of the Digital Information Center, Mr. Ammar Al-Jawad, told Al-Kafeel Network: “This achievement in this free service provided by the Digital Repository has been achieved due to the huge digital content it possesses from theses and university theses, which number exceeds more than (84) thousand titles, in addition to the ease of use and the software technology used in it, which made it a requirement for a segment of researchers, specialists and students. The beneficiaries of the services were not limited to Iraqis only, but there were those outside Iraq, such as Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and Egypt, in addition to USA and Russia."
Al-Jawad asserted: “Through these statistics, we know - as site management - the correctness and accuracy of the approach we followed in planning, which took many years of preparation, and a lot of effort to establish an Iraqi scientific website that would be within the reach of researchers and every student of science and knowledge. We are now determined to completing the second phase of the Digital Repository, to add the possibility of joining Iraqi universities according to special protocols to achieve maximum benefit, including increasing the international rankings of Iraqi universities (Ranking of Universities)."
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