Sayed. Al-Safi visits Al-Ameed University and reviews a number of important matters.

His Eminence, the Senior Official of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, Sayed. Ahmad Al-Safi, visited Al-Ameed University, in which he met with the authoritative authority of the founding body, the head of the Education and Higher Education Commission at the Holy Shrine, the president of the university and a number of its teaching staff.

His Eminence was by the Secretary-General of the Holy Shrine, Eng. Mohamad Al-Ashigar and his deputy.

His Eminence Sayed Al-Safi talked about a number of issues that were divided into three axes:

First: to warn of the effects of the current circumstance on slowing down the willingness and declining level as our country is living under the pressure of the epidemic, which length may leave traces on the educational course, as is the effect on other fields. And it is feared that its effects will frustrate souls, and the achievement may be hindered or worsened especially since the rhythm of life has begun - with the pandemic - to become lethargic. And I fear that the individual surrenders to it, affecting his reality, and changing his conviction about the usefulness of science and learning and their results.

There is no doubt that such circumstances have become known to the Iraqis, and they have previously experienced them during the long years of wars that made the individual distracted from the scientific lesson, convinced of its unimportance, resorted to sedition and surrendered to despair of everything, because war and similar demoralisation factors affect negatively motivation and activity.

As for today, the current circumstance has prolonged, we do not want it to be one of the causes of indecisiveness and an obstacle to achievement. We do not want any negative feelings to take root in our children, and to surrender to its frustrating implications, so they stay away from the supreme matters. This is like sedition that will prevent them from seeking knowledge, and discourage them from their goal. And the lack of attention to the danger of laziness that has begun to spread in the joints of life, will lead to surrendering to its negative implications, and will kill all creativity and renewal.

His Eminence had gone on to mention tips to overcome this feeling, warning of all kind of frustrations, and calling for this current circumstance to be taken as a starting point for positive influence on souls, and as a reason for promoting individuals and sublime their motivation and encouraging them to seek knowledge.

His Eminence reminded that the top management of the institution, or the university presidency must start by itself, and involve the deanships, professors, employees and students to push that wheel, make efforts to move the stagnant, remove their anxieties, and keep the flame of the scientific spirit alive. And it must also attract its affiliates and communicate with them, and open its doors wide for those who want to add and provide all that is positive. And respected institutions must document the movement of their student and how they adopt their projects as well as their good management. Also, there must be standards set to evaluate people to put them in the positions they deserve, by rewarding those who make initiatives.

Second: Emphasizing the development of a clear and well-defined scientific plan to coexist with the crisis and overcome it by scientific means, and revitalize the educational process, as well as create an atmosphere of competition that stimulates the scientific spirit to do its utmost, as well as providing all means to urge scientific research, overcoming difficulties in this path, providing moral and material support, encouraging publication of research papers and rewarding those who deserve, as well as allocating financial disbursement to practical research that deserves it, in order to contribute to extricating reality from what it is in.

Third: Scientific and societal integration and self-sufficiency, as His Eminence explained that the (Education) and (Health) files are given special care at the holy shrine, as its projects depend only on community service, and these projects remain in need of support and financing, with the possibility of fulfilling and covering some of its requirements by what is provided by its own revenues, but it is a good thing for some of these projects to reach a state of self-sufficiency, as self-sufficiency is a source of strength for the project.

And since our projects in education, higher education and health are diversified, they can complement each other and support each other to provide service to society, especially since the law regulating them allows this, and we rely on them so that they support each other.

There is no doubt that the support and construction provided by the Holy Shrine for these projects necessarily requires that there be developmental steps in the movement of these educational projects commensurate with that support and its size. The greater the support, the greater the incentive to give, the stronger the drive to creativity and the encouragement of the supporter to challenge and overcome the difficulties. And we will wait for the results of these projects supported by innovative and pioneering developmental steps.

At the end of the session, His Eminence stated that we must be at the core of this vision, and that we must not forget relying on God, for neglecting Him remains one of the greatest disincentives, and He is the Most Exalted with the servant as long as the servant is with him, and that the circumstances are definitely changing, and the next will be better by the enthusiasm of our country and its people. And His Eminence prayed for the end of this epidemic, and for peace to prevail and knowledge to flourish with the vigor of those in charge.
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