Indian-Iraqi experiences together continuing the specialized hospital project of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine

Front side of the hospital
With the supervision of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine, the personnel from India and El-Beldawi group continue achieving the project of building a specialized hospital.

Engineer Deya' Mejeed Es-Sa'igh, said to the Alkafeel Global Network that the work is progressively being achieved. Walls, floors, suspended ceilings are being done, in addition to elevator, escalators which are Spanish made. Huge boilers, Indian made, in addition to air-conditioners are being installed.

Approximately, 80% of the fire extinguishing, alert, and water filtration systems have been achieved. It has been mentioned that the hospital fits 135 beds in 12 wards. The whole project covers a 12500 s.q. meter area. The hospital building cover 4000 s.q. meters. It is consisted of a basement and three stories.
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