Al-Kafeel Hospital is treating a case that was rejected by several hospitals.

A medical team at the Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has succeeded in treating a patient in his seventies suffering from a large incisional hernia, through a qualitative operation previously rejected by several hospitals.
The general surgeon at the hospital, Dr. Suja Abdel Wahab, said: “Our medical team succeeded in performing the operation to release the adhesions and open the intestinal obstruction, with the incisional repair of the hernia of a 70-year-old patient.” Confirming: "The patient's health status was stable after the operation, and she did not need special care, and she was discharged from the hospital one day after the operation."
Dr. Abdel-Wahab added, "Several hospitals refused to receive the patient because she suffers from a heart failure, and she has been taking blood-thinning treatment for years, in addition to her diabetes and high blood pressure."
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