The Holy Quran Institute finishes its preparations for the month of Ramadhan.

The Holy Qur’an Institute, affiliated to the Department of Islamic and Human Knowledge Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, announced the completion of all preparations for the blessed month of Ramadhan, by launching a number of Quranic programs.

The director of the institute, Sheikh Jawad Al-Nasrawi, told Al-Kafeel Network: “The necessary preparations for the establishment of the Ramadhan Quranic programs have been completed, and the institute and its branches in the rest of the governorates have prepared a set of programs to revive the blessed month of the Holy Quran; the Month of Ramadhan. These programs will be organized following strict precautionary and preventive measures, and according to the directions and recommendations of the medical and health authorities. "

He added: “At the forefront of these programs is the recited Qur’anic Khatma, in addition to the Quranic teams' competition in its seventh edition, as well as other programs in the holy city of Karbala and the provinces that have branches of the Holy Qur’an Institute, which aim to create a Quranic spring throughout the days of the month."

Al-Nasrawi explained: “The institute was keen to establish its programs in the holy month, with a commitment to implementing health and medical instructions issued by the competent authorities, and that the programs will be broadcast through a number of satellite channels and social media sites, to contribute to providing its Quranic faith services to the believing families while they are at home during the days of the holy month. "

It is noteworthy that the Holy Qur’an Institute has annually presented a set of various Qur’anic activities and event, but due to the current circumstance that the country is going through and for the second year, the activities were limited to a certain ones following the precautionary and preventive measures.
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