Ibn Sina Center for E-Learning: Al-Kafeel University is similar to international universities.

The director of the Ibn Sina Center for E-Learning at Basra University, Dr. Uday Bashir Issa, stated that Al-Kafeel University is similar to international universities, as it has high specifications in terms of infrastructure, classrooms, and the scientific and technology laboratories.

During his visit to Al-Kafeel University accompanied by an academic delegation, Issa added: "We came to Al-Kafeel University for the sake of joint cooperation, and to benefit from the experiences between the two sides, in order to contract in the field of information technology and advanced technologies in it."

At the end of his visit to Al-Kafeel University, Issa called on public and private universities to do the same, describing the university as a scientific edifice that is source of pride.

It is noteworthy that the Al-Kafeel University in Najaf, affiliated to the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, seeks, among its objectives, to contribute to the creation of quantitative and qualitative development in the cultural, educational and scientific research movement in Iraq.
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