The al-Istighrab magazine issues its twenty-second issue.

The Islamic Center for Strategic Studies, affiliated to the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, which is an intellectual refereed journal concerned with the study of the West and its cognitive and critical understanding, issued its twenty-second issue of the magazine (al-Istighrab),
The editorial department devoted this issue to an extensive file that included a group of research papers and called it (the religious experience and the logic of the lower mind), which included critical approaches in which a number of researchers and thinkers specialized in philosophy, sociology, and the philosophy of religion participated, as for the parallel files, especially in the chapter of authentic studies and criticism of the West, we will also read a set of relevant research papers dedicated to this purpose, and they were as follows:
- The Islamic religious experience; Refuting the Western notion of privatizing religion by Muhammad Lakenhawen and Ali Akbar Ahmad Aframjani.
-The revelation is not a religious experience by the scholar Ali Reda Qaimi Niya.
- The experience of God by the researcher Ali Sherwani.
- The Personalism and the Examination of Divine Knowledge by Professor Ahmed Abdel Halim Atiyah.
- The credibility of the religious experiences of the researcher Jaber Mousavi Rad.
In addition to this file, the issue included a valuable collection of research according to the chapters of the journal (original research - the Islamic world and the West), in addition to the translation of abstracts of the content in English and French. To view this issue of the magazine and the rest of the Center's publications,please click here.
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