Comprehensive maintenance of the devices and equipment of one of the visitor service complexes.

The maintenance unit at the Sheikh Al-Kulayni service complex organized an extensive campaign to maintain electrical devices and equipment in all joints of the complex, in preparation for the summer season on the one hand and receiving any activity or event during this holy month of Ramadhan on the other hand.
This is what was explained to the al-Kafeel Network, by the head of the mentioned unit, Sayed. Muslim Sahib Al-Yasari, who added: "This campaign that we carry out at the beginning of each season is comprehensive, as it is carried out on a large and comprehensive scale, including all electrical devices such as cooling, air conditioning, lighting and electricity systems."
Adding: “The cadres of the unit have followed a work plan that runs throughout the year, but there are campaigns organized seasonally or with the start of any special occasion Ziyarat, to make this service complex fully prepared. We also had maintenance work for all bathroom units and replacing the damaged parts therein, as well as the maintenance of its sewage, lighting and ventilation systems.
He concluded: "We have other works, such as decorating the complex with flyers of light from the inside and outside, to give it an aesthetic character and create an ideal atmosphere."
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