Various plants and trees produced by Al-Kafeel Nurseries for the spring

Al-Kafeel nurseries announced the production of several different plants, trees, seasonal and shade flowers, which are distinguished by their suitability to the environmental conditions of Iraq and its climatic fluctuations.

Among these plants are those introduced in Iraq for the first time because they have been germinated or multiplied in this nursery, as well as deciduous trees and citrus fruits trees to meet the requirements and tastes of the citizen, in addition to providing instructions and integrated nutrition programs enhanced with types of fertilizers and pesticides that help these plants and trees to preserve their freshness and durability.

The head of the al-Kafeel Nurseries, Mr. Ahmad Ataiwi, told Al-Kafeel Network: “The work of the nursery is characterized by not being seasonal or limited to plants and trees of specific types. Rather, it always seeks to supply various varieties, especially the rare ones. And we pay special attention to the spring season, which has a specificity, because it is suitable for planting plants and decorating gardens, so we have worked this year despite all the circumstances to produce and multiply hundreds of thousands of trees and seasonal ornamental plants and flowers of various shapes, sizes and varieties."

He added: "Most of what was produced inside the nursery, was cultivated after we conducted experiments that proved successful, and with this step we were able to reduce the import of these plants, which is the method adopted by most of the private nurseries."

Ataiwi noted: "Our products are divided into many types, including:

  • Fruitless perennial plants.
  • Flowering seasonal plants.
  • Perennial flowering plants.
  • Perennial canopy plants.
  • Seasonal canopy plants.
  • Fruit trees such as: (deciduous all kinds, citrus fruits of all kinds, and figs), which are intended for farmers in addition to homeowners who want to grow such varieties.

Ataiwi emphasized: "There is a great demand for our products for many reasons, including the quality of seedlings and trusting our services, as we own an exclusive patent for some of the seeds that we have multiplied and produced, as well as we are the only party that produces some types of trees in large sizes, which shortens the time in planting trees."

He continued: "Providing the citizen with what he needs from seedlings is not limited to giving the plant or seedling, but there are a set of instructions and recommendations on how to take care of it, and give him an integrated nutritional and fertilization program that help in preserving it and prolonging its vegetative life."
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