Performing a distinct and quality operation at Al Kafeel Hospital.

A medical team specializing in heart surgery at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital performed a distinct and specific operation to replace the aorta and aortic valve with an artificial one, for a patient in his forties suffering from an enlarged heart muscle, artery and valve.

The hospital media said: The operation was performed by a specialized team headed by the hospital’s cardiovascular surgery specialist, Dr. Bashir Akpinar. The 43-year-old patient was suffering from an enlarged aorta and valve deficiency with an enlarged heart.

And after all the necessary examinations were performed, the patient was admitted to the operating theater for an emergency open heart surgery. With the help of God Almighty, the operation was successful, as the aorta was replaced by an artificial artery and the aortic valve was also replaced by an artificial one.

It is noteworthy that the patient’s brother died as a result of the same symptoms previously.
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