A tumor (7 cm) of a child's adrenal gland is removed at the al-Kafeel Hospital.

A medical team specializing in general surgery at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital announced its success in removing a tumor from the adrenal gland for a 5-year-old girl.
The general surgery specialist at the hospital, Dr. Sabah Al-Husseini, said: “Our medical team succeeded in removing a tumor of 7 cm from the right adrenal gland for a 5-year-old patient,” adding: “The patient was suffering from a lymph node in the pelvis, the abdomen and around the major blood vessels, and was close to the vein and the right renal artery."
Dr. Al-Husseini pointed out that: "The presence of modern operating theaters and advanced medical technologies in Al-Kafeel Hospital contributed to the success of the operation in record time."
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