El-Abbas Holy Shrine announces establishing a parking lot

a view of the ceremony
Oct 14, 2013. Sayed Ahmed Es-Safi, the Secretary-General of the El-Abass holy shrine announced the establishment of Alkafeel parking lot. It is the largest parking lot in Iraq.

The project was declared in a ceremony held by the El-Abass holy shrine. Es-Safi, ,administrative staff, media division , delegation representing the holy shrines in Iraq, and Mr. Ali Esh-Shukri, the Iraqi Minister of Planning attended the ceremony.

The ceremony was begun with reciting verses of the Nobel Quran, then Es-Safi, delivered a speech in which he mentioned "The holy shrines are going through an advancement stage in so many dimensions, and that requires more perseverance and much more effort to secure what have been achieved. He added, " The main consideration of the holy shrine is to provide the best services for the pilgrims such as transportation which is considered one of the most important and the vital elements in these services. The holy shrine has already provide buses with different capacities, in addition to a maintenance unit specified in order to maintain these buses."

Two years was taken to study and lay out the final sketches of the project, with the supervision of the holy shrine. The project was submitted to a Malaysian company which is working on expanding the El-Abass holy shrine project.

He added that project would be the start point towards building new projects in the future.
It was mentioned that the funding entities were the Shiite Endowment Office and money thrown by pilgrims into the lattice-enclosed tomb.
He also confirmed that Iraq has what it takes to turn dreams into realities in order to be a modern country.

A speech delivered by Eng. Shefol Anoor Shabian, the representative of the Malaysian Designing Company, which is responsible for achieving a part of the whole project, said that it was a pleasure to work with the El-Abbas Holy Shrine again.
Alkafeel parking lot is a 67500 square meter area, consists of five main units:
1. The operating management will be responsible for the traffic and the monitoring of the buses.
2. A petrol station to provide the buses with the required fuel.
3. Maintenance garage for the light and heavy buses, and these will be in two separate sections.
4. Two stories for storing vehicles which fits more than 500 buses.
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