The fifth anniversary of the liberation battle of al-Bashir.

The Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad issued a statement on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the liberation of Al-Bashir's Kasbah, which falls at the beginning of this month of the year (2016). And this is the text of the statement:

"We celebrate the fifth annual anniversary of the battle to liberate the Turkmen Kasbah of Al-Bashir, which was an national epic in which the wonderful Iraqi spectrum participated, and in which a group of martyrs were martyred at their forefront the leaders of the Knights of the al-Kafeel. This battle form a major turning point in the history of military operations to expel the terrorist entity of ISIS from all over our beloved country.

This would not have been achieved without the effective response of the volunteers who answered the call of the blessed Marji'iya in Najaf and its blessed fatwa to eliminate the barbaric ISIS clique.

With the fifth anniversary of the liberation of the dear Kasbah, we must point out the importance of providing services to it, and restoring the infrastructure that was destroyed by the black hand of terrorism.

Its people showed the most beautiful images of endurance, patience and self-defense. They deserve the service projects that restore the glory and beauty of the Kasbah.

We recall the high spirits and the great striving stature, whose pure blood was shed on the beloved Turkmen land, and whose souls returned to her Lord as martyrs. And we remember the wounded heroes who are the living martyrs and witnesses to the historical Iraqi epic, which will remain a school of redemption and sacrifice in the face of the most powerful enemy known in our contemporary history.

We pray to the Almighty to bestow heavens upon the righteous martyrs and the speedy recovery for the wounded.”
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