Imam Hussein & El-Abbas Holy Shrines commemorate the martyrdom of Imam El-Baqir & Moslim Bin Aqeel

A view of the mourning procession
On the anniversary martyrdom of Imam Mohammed El-Baqir, and Moslim bin Aqeel (peace be upon them), the Imam Hussein and the El-Abass holy shrines commemorated such a grievous commemoration.

The Holy city of Karbala was covered with black bonds. The El-Abassi Holy shrine departments demonstrated their grievance, where many processions marched into the El-Abbas Holy Shrine as well as delivering preaching sessions about their life.

The employees of the holy shrines marched from the El-Abbas Holy Shrine to the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine. The employees’ procession reiterated shouts about the Imam and Moslim Bin Aqeel.

It has been mentioned that Imam El-Baqir, was born in 677 and martyred in 731 in Medina. Also, he was buried in the El-Beqee area.
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