Eid clothing and food baskets for poor families and orphans.

In continuation of the campaigns that started on the first day of the holy month, the Hussayni service processions of the rituals and Hussayni processions department in the holy shrines of Imam al-Hussayn and al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them), start distributing Eid clothing and food baskets to the poor and low-income families and orphans.

One of the first processions for this charitable and humanitarian work is the unit of processions in the capital, Baghdad, which made its preparations, in order to make these families and their children happy.

The sponsor of the procession, Haj Maytham Al-Bahadli, explained to the al-Kafeel network: “Our procession [Mawkib] continues to support these families, especially in these difficult circumstances, as a number of food baskets and Eid clothing have been prepared to be distributed, in order to contribute in meeting part of the needs of these families. "

Al-Bahadli pointed out: “The food basket included varied foodstuffs and meat. In addition to Eid clothes for children. This campaign came after we conducted a field survey of these families in Sadr City, who gave us this honor by accepting this modest gift in this holy month, during which the reward is doubled. "

In the same context, the unit’s official, Sheikh Salah al-Khaz'ali, said: “This campaign is part of a series of campaigns carried out by processions within our unit, according to the administrative units and the geographical area in which these processions are located. As their work was not limited to providing service to visitors during the Ziyarat seasons, but conduct such campaigns that stem from our human feeling towards these families.
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