Finishing Arafat pilgrimage, pilgrims offering the Greater Bairam Prayer at the Imam Hussein & El-Abbas Holy Shrines

Oct 15, 2013. In a flow movement, of pilgrims, where the fiducial atmosphere and spirituality pervaded everything in the Imam Hussein and El-Abbas Holy Shrines, the rituals of Arafat pilgrims finished the Arafat pilgrimage.

The area between the two Holy Shrines witnessed a great flock of pilgrims who attended to offer their rituals. Offering pilgrimage to Imam Hussein (PBUH) on such a day considered as to perform a thousand pilgrimages, and a thousand of minor pilgrimages. It is one of the Islamic rituals.

Oct 16, 2013. Prayer of the Greater Bairam was established in the El-Eqeela Zaineb Sanctuary. The prayer leader was Sheikh Hebeeb El-Kadhimi. Also, the same prayer was established in the Imam Hussein and El-Abbas Holy Shrines.

It was mentioned that the number of pilgrims was more than the years before. Many pilgrims arrived from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Amman, Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaycan, Sweden, Britain, Tanzania, and Kenya.

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