More than 25 researches from inside and outside of Iraq under reviewing

Title of the conference
About 26 researches have reached the El-Emeed First International Scientific Conference and are now being reviewed. The conference will be held under the title of (Under the banner of El-Emeed, we meet to progress).

More than 25 researches in the human studies submitted by 16 universities from inside and outside of Iraq such as Egypt, Oman, Palestine, Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan, Tunisia, and Iraq. Said, Mr. Mishtaq Abbas Hasan, a member of the consultatory committee of the conference.

He also said that the researches were fully reviewed and found them meeting the international standards. Also, an E-mail was set up through which all invitations sent to the researchers.

It has been mentioned that the conference includes several aspect such as First: Study of Quran, Modernity, Linguistics, and Literature.
Second: Study of History, Archeology, Geography, and Anthropology.
Third: Study of Aesthetics, methodology, and philosophy.
The conference aims at fulfilling some goals such as
the conference aims to fulfill certain goals:

1. Making the academic community aware of the El-Emeed magazine.
2. Contributing to the improvement and support in the field of the scientific magazine.
3. Investing the capacity of the academicians in evaluating and improving the magazine.
4. Sharing knowledge with those who write in it, and with the academic and scientific foundations in terms of cross-fertilizing ideas and exchanging experiences.
5. Activating the means of publicizing the magazine in order to make it one of the international magazines.

It’s been mentioned that the magazine would be periodical concerning various humanitarian researches and studies. It would be issued in two languages: Arabic and English.
The magazine will cover various aspects of humanitarian study. It will be issued in two languages: Arabic and English.
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