Es-Safi, meets the Dutch ambassador to Iraq & calls for holding Dutch commercial fairs in Iraq

A view of the meeting
The Secretary-General of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine Sayed Ahmed Es-Safi, met the Dutch ambassador to Iraq Jan Horjin, during a visit she made to the El-Abbas Holy Shrine. During the meeting, they discussed possible means of holding commercial fairs, in addition that Dutch construction companies can participate in achieving better projects in terms of building better Iraq.

Es-Safi, mentioned, “We seek forward to have a firm relationship between Iraq and Holland based on great joint cooperation in order to fulfill everything serve both of the countries, in addition to cross-fertilizing ideas and exchanging experiences.”

His eminence added that there were European concern about the Iraqi status quo, but it is now improved where we can find the Iraqi market very promising.

His eminence asked the Dutch ambassador for facilitating the procedures for interring Holland by Iraqis. As well as having joint cooperative working channels between the museum of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine and Dutch museum specialists. He also clarified a very important viewpoint of the Europeans towards Islam; such as the situation of Muslims, where only the terrorists’ criminal acts being highlighted and partially viewed. And such a bad phenomenon shouldn’t be generalized and understood that all Muslims are bad, where Muslims don’t generalize the wrongful act of making the film of offending the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) to all European people, because it was only one person who did that while others, of course, were against it. Also, Islam usually discards everything concerning valance and calls for peaceful coexistence.

Jan Horjin, mentioned that it iwas her first visit to Kerbala holy city, and her coming into Iraq was for seeking means in terms of ridging firm communications involving commerce, economy, and participating n achieving projects benefit both of the countries.

He also mentioned that Iraqi people are known for their incomparable generosity and remarkable hospitality where it can rarely be found anywhere. She then said that all Iraqi people in Holland have their Dutch rights to live and are highly respected.

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