Umm al-Baneen Women's Library launches the third season of scientific workshops.

The Lady Umm al-Baneen (peace be upon her) Women’s Library of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas’s (p) Holy Shrine, announced launching the third season of the scientific workshops to be held on Zoom Cloud Meeting from the first of June to the eighth of September, with one workshop per week to discuss scientific axes with modernist propositions that fit the requirements of the library matter and ways to advance it.

The Director of the Library, Ms. Asma Ra'd, confirmed to Al-Kafeel Network: "These workshops will be held in cooperation with:

1- Central Library at Al-Ameed University.

2- Department of Educational and Psychological Guidance at Al-Kafeel University.

3- Library of the College of Industrial Management of Oil and Gas at the University of Basra.

4- Library of the College of Islamic Sciences at Karbala University.

These workshops are part of the library’s endeavor to keep pace with the scientific development in the library field, learn about the experiences and scientific research of others, and work to benefit from them and apply their outputs in practice."

She explained: "The themes of each workshop were carefully selected by a specialized scientific committee, and they are new and not previously proposed, to be the subject of scientific discussion and cultural interest, as they address aspects of innovation, creativity, development of effective strategies, with the following headings:

Manuscript investigation.

Curriculum for writing scientific research for undergraduate students.

Methodology of writing promotion research for graduate studies.

International standards for measuring the quality of library services.

The media function of libraries.

Entrepreneurship (enterprise development).

The importance of historical sources.

The date of each workshop will be announced on the library’s website or its communication pages, in which the mechanism and method of participation will be explained."
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