El-Abbas Holy Shrine adorned for delightfully commemorate the El-Ghedeer Festival

Laticed-Enclosed Tomb of El-Abbas (PBUH)
The greatest Festival ever for all Muslims is the El-Ghedeer. On this festival, Imam Ali, (Peace be upon him) is divinely appointed as a successor through the Prophet Mohammed (Allah’s peace & blessings be upon him & his pure family).

The El-Abbas Holy Shrine was lavishly adorned. Spirituality and happiness pervaded everywhere. Prophetic quotes about the greatest event of the appointment and adhering to Imam Ali, (PBUH) were spread all over the Holy Shrine. As well as a special perfume was sprayed throughout the Holy Shrine with flowers everywhere.

Certain rites were offered expressing the happiness people have according to recommendations on commemorating such a great day narrated about Imam Er-Rida, (PBUH) said, “El-Ghedder dayis a more famous day in the Heaven than it is on Earth. On such a day, Almighty Allah forgives sins of sixty years for each Muslim, and frees sinners from Hell double the number of what is freed in Remadan month, and the Night or the Quran revelation. A dirham given as an alms giving charity is divinely multiplied by 1000 dirhams. Therefore, each one should make others happy one such a wonderful day.”
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