Sayed Ahmed Es-Safi, calls the participating parties members in the El-Emeed Conference for reconsidering Iraq positively

Sayed Es-Safi.
Within the activities of the El-Emeed First International Scientific Conference, the Secretary-General of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine Sayed Ahmed Es-Safi, delivered a speech in which his eminence welcomed all the members, and then called for reconsidering Iraq in a positive way, because Iraq is a firmly established country in culture and knowledge.

His eminence extended his gratitude to the attendants for responding to the invitations the El-Abbas Holy Shrine already sent. He mentioned several important points, “

1. When elite of intellectuals gathered, there will certainly be a great gain. Some people suffer the lack of communicating with their fellows due to certain reasons. Therefore, we hold such conferences in terms of communicating in a better and official way to generalize the benefit to all people.
2. Due to the negative ongoing status quo in some Arab countries nowadays, such elite of Arab researchers might be exposed to prison or harassment. Therefore, such conferences are for reviving the spirit of continuity of the same path we follow.
3. We might find so many researches which are priceless, but unfortunately not used or applied. The spirit of a researcher might die due to staying empty-handed. So, all researchers should awaken people by their informative researches in order to leave a great influence behind. “

He mentioned further, “We have gathered, especially, we are close to one of the best heroes in the whole history, El-Abbas Bin Abi Talib (PBUH) in order to feel the sense of brotherhood and tranquility, and to start actively towards a better future.”

He then mentioned that all Arab people should communicate considerately towards firm unity. He concluded by saying thanking Almighty Allah for being granted great success in holding the El-Emeed conference.
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