Egypt: Dr. Mehmood Umer Mohammed Seleem, “El-Emeed magazine discovers means of progressing Arab countries”

Dr. Mehmood
Once we meet each other at the El-Abbas Holy Shrine, we actually meet blessed by Almighty Allah and Ahlulbait (PBUT). Said, Dr. Mehmood Umer Mohammed Seleem, the Dean of the Higher Institute of Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations from Egypt.

He said, “As I am a master in the Egyptian heritage, and the near Eastern civilizations, and when I try to speak, I wonder about being one nation previously, especially, when we speak about Iraq, which is part of our land, we recall how our great nation taught the humanity the real knowledge.”

He added that Arab people tamed wild animals and converted the land from solid and inarable into an arable land. He also said, “Arab people have the best civilization ever, and we started seeking knowledge since the Stone Age until the Prophet Mohammed (Allah’s peace & blessings be upon him & his progeny) came to spread Allah’s final religion “Islam” to be the first point towards development. Being in here today, overwhelmed with the blessing of Almighty Allah and Ahlulbait (PBUT) helps us recall our ancient values and principles.”

He concluded by extending his gratefulness to the management for sponsoring such a successful conference.
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