Teacher in Islamic jurisprudence at El-Ezher University, “El-Emeed conference might be adopted to converge religions.”

Dr. Ahmed Mehmood
Dr. Ahmed Mehmood Kerima- a teacher of Islamic jurisprudence at the college of Arabic Islamic Studies, El-Ezher University called all people for adopting the El-Emeed conference as a start point for converging religions.

He then added that the Almighty Allah created the whole world from the same origin, and all people should socialize considerately avoiding problems. He also mentioned that all people are brothers, and in the El-Ezher mosque, they all meet each other such as Sunnie, Shiite, and others, because all people are the same.

He mentioned that Ahlulbait (PBUT) are the best example, and they are followed where even Almighty Allah mentioned them ion the Noble Quran, “Say: “No reward do I ask of you for this except the love of those near of kin."

He said further, “We should ponder profoundly if Ahlulbait and the companions (PBUT) were disbelievers or originating hearsays? Of course not. Ahlulbait (PBUT) had been exposed to the worst kind of injustice. Therefore, we should follow them as the best example for us in this life.”
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