Sayed al-Safi: The blessed fatwa prevented terrorism from reaching other countries.

The Senior Official of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, His Eminence Sayed Ahmad al-Safi, delivered a speech during the opening ceremony of the fifth edition of the Sacred Defense Fatwa Conference, which was held today, Thursday, the sixth of Dhu al-Qi’dah (1442 AH), corresponding to (June 17, 2021), under the slogan: (Media Documentation, The Living Witness).

Here is the text of the speech:

We recall those days the great fatwa that restored Iraq's prestige, and removed that danger and fear that was hanging over the country and pushed it to no return.

On this occasion, we also pray to God Almighty to grant us the end of this epidemic that ravaged the world, asking Him to return life to the way it was, pushing humanity to meditate on this tiny creature that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and that paralyzed the life of seven billion people on the globe. The power of God Almighty became clear that if he wanted something, he would create its causes.

As believers, we see that the trials are many, and their causes and ends are dependent on that divine will.

We have to increase our insight and faith in the power of the Creator, glory be to Him.

I will speak very frankly about some important points, and I will start with the following question: If the fatwa did not exist, what would happen? Or in other words, if the fatwa had not been present and existed, what would have happened?!!

Reading the events is the task of wise people, thinkers, and people of opinion and decision, and the person may say: There is no need for this question, given that the matter has passed and is over, and the fatwa was attended, established and changed, so why do we ask this question?! Rather, this question will be an imposition of the impossible, considering that it is a time that has passed. This is true, but the question came as a matter of analysis and search for the course of things in their time, and the repercussions that could have occurred, because when we talk about an issue we must understand its greatness and importance, so that reactions are to the extent of this action.

The fatwa is a great and big act, the reactions must be commensurate with this greatness, and it is perhaps not the time to discuss this question on this platform, but in order to understand things and how to read history, we will talk about three points:

First: This blessed fatwa is an important phenomenon that must be studied. At the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, the administration agreed that there is a problem in documenting our achievements. Therefore, we made sure that this documentation is made by the hands of Iraqis, and we asked the brothers to write and document everything that had a role in the battle, and there are multiple committees that will adopt the preservation and reformulation of the idea, according to what the encyclopedia method requires.

And the door is still open for everyone who has something to add or to mention, to be included in the next volumes of this encyclopedia, which consists of (62) parts, and which will be a scientific material for anyone who wants to analyze or search.

The second point: the bold fatwa that preserved the country, worshipers, sanctities and honors has also prevented the arrival of this perverted ISIS thought to Iraq. This fatwa was so grand and powerful that it prevented the impact of this desecration on many areas and other countries.

The third point: Why did Iraq fall into the trap? Where was the problem? So that these terrorists were able to occupy a large city and try to occupy other cities, so what is the problem? What is the guarantee that it will not be repeated? Is the problem in the political system? Or is the problem in the army? Or in the rampant corruption in the country? What happened is something dangerous that has not happened in the countries of the world.

The response to the fatwa came from the masses of people who helped and rushed to the sites preparing for the fight. They did not differentiate between their city and another city that is more than 400 kilometers away from them. Iraq is their country and their blood shed there, how do we deal with these people?! There are official bodies that must deal with these people as befits them, for they made history with their blood and they are a source of pride. Martyrs on one side, and the wounded alive on the other, and a faithful vanguard of the country’s population still carries the gun on its shoulder.

Officials should benefit a lot from the experience that happened, we must prepare the good, solid ground for the speed of victory, and do not allow the repetition of the previous scenario. We must be like a solid structure that cannot be penetrated, and this is not the responsibility of the people only, but the responsibility of the official authorities that should begin the real and serious treatments, for corruption is a dangerous matter and it is a battle, as in the victory sermon; His Eminence the supreme religious authority stated that we will start a new battle, and this battle may be more dangerous than the previous battle, which needed strength and needed men’s determination.

After three years of fierce fighting, the Iraqis were able to restore the map of Iraq to what it was, and the Iraqi flag remained bright, but the most dangerous battle is the battle of corruption, which is like the termites that quickly destroy a structure when it affects it, and if corruption hits all the joints of the state, it will collapse. Real and realistic measures must be taken until we say that Iraq has recovered and benefited greatly from the experience, and all the institutions that were suffering from a crooked structure have been rebuilt.

We pray the Almighty to make us see our country strong. All prayers are for the heroes who responded to the call of this blessed fatwa. And all thanks to those who contributed to the success of this conference.
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