Closure of the activities of the Sacred Defense Fatwa Conference.

The al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine concluded this afternoon, Thursday, the sixth of Dhu al-Qi'dah (1442 AH), corresponding to (June 17, 2021), at the Imam Hassan (peace be upon him) hall, the activities of the fifth edition of the Sacred Defense Fatwa Conference, which was held under the slogan: (Media Documentation, the Living Witness).
The closing ceremony witnessed the presentation of the most important recommendations made by the commission in charge of the preparatory and scientific committees, delivered by Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Abbas Maan, and this is the text:

First: The encyclopedia continues to be opened to receive new information, documents, stories, and everything related to the events directly or indirectly related to the blessed fatwa. This will be a material for new parts to be added to the encyclopedia.
Second: Seeking to translate the encyclopedia into living languages ​​gradually and according to specific time limits; To introduce the world to the heroism of those who responded to the call of the supreme religious authority.
Third: Working on creating a center concerned with the affairs of the Fatwa of Defense, and the related heritage to preserve the nation’s history and achievements.
Fourth: Designing a media plan that aims to deliver the encyclopedia to specialized segments; To ensure its optimum effectiveness and spread, in cooperation between the Media Department and the al-Ameed Scientific Association.
Fifth: Write to researchers and graduate students; To ensure the permanence of research and study of the contents of the course of meeting the call of the Religious Authority, and to reveal its secrets and treasures in a scientific and academic manner. The Center will sponsor the proposition in number three of these recommendations, as it has the necessary resources and documents to achieve this.
Sixth: To work on adopting the encyclopedia as a scientific source for any research or study related to the processes of the Fatwa of Defense, and the accompanying formations, instructions, or legal or governmental laws.
Seventh: Submit a proposal to include the Fatwa epic championships in the school curricula, especially those related to modern history, provided that the encyclopedia is a source for that.
Eighth: Reactivating the creative competitions (vertical poetry, short story, theatrical text) that were suspended in the previous session due to the pandemic, to be a supporting line for documentary work.
Ninth: Printing the research papers of the scientific sessions of the conference, following the approach of previous years."

Then the work team of the Holy Defense Fatwa Encyclopedia and its contributors were honored, in addition to honoring the satellite channels and media agencies that contributed to reporting the conference activities.
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