The as-Siddiqa at-Tahirah Center plays a prominent role in supporting women in the community and helping them succeed.

The as-Siddiqa at-Tahirah Center (peace be upon her) is one of the projects that concerns women and that the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has taken care of, because women have an important role in building society, as they are an essential part in the entity of every family. This Center is built for the consolidation of Islamic culture and science among women's segment according to the school of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them), and instilling it in their conscience from all psychological, moral, social, educational and professional aspects.

As a result of the foregoing, the Engineering Projects Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has excelled in establishing this center, according to modern architectural styles that simulate and harmonize with its designs the services it will provide for this segment.

The center was built on an area of ​​(2100 square meters) on six floors, the area of ​​each floor is (1,550 square meters), except for the basement floor, which is (2100 square meters), and the height of the building is (33.20 meters). These floors contain halls for meetings and conferences, libraries, classrooms and host.

The floors of the center consist of the following departments:

Ground floor: consists of the entrance to the reception, the center's administration and the unit of autonomy, as well as the large conference hall and its annexes.

The first and second floors: are currently occupied by the al-Ameed High School as administration and students until the completion of their own building, and also contains a hall for minor conferences and its annexes.

The third floor: for the Qur’anic School of Fatima Bint Asad (peace be upon her), affiliated to the Al-Kafeel Women’s Religious Schools Division, which is concerned with the sciences of the Qur’an and correct reading, memorization and recitation.

The fourth floor: for the Al-Kafeel Women’s Religious Schools Division, which is responsible for the Al-Kafeel religious schools in the central and southern governorates. The same floor houses a branch of Fatima bint Asad (may God’s peace be upon her) religious school concerned with the sciences of the Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) such as jurisprudence and beliefs.

The fifth floor: hosts the Family Culture Center, which is concerned with the family and what is related to it, in order to advance its reality. It is located in the southern part, while in the northern part, there are the suites of the center, which are prepared and arranged for the accommodation of guests of the center during the activities held there.

The sixth floor: contains the kindergarten and nursery of the as-Siddiqa at-Tahirah Center (peace be upon her) in the southern part and the annexes of each of them. As for the northern part, it contains the Center's host of the As-Siddiqa at-Tahirah (peace be upon her) and its annexes. It accommodates approximately (262) guests, and meals are served there during festivals, forums and scouting camps.
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