The Manuscripts Restoration Center has taken strenuous and serious steps to revive rare historical documents and manuscripts.

The Center for the Restoration of Manuscripts of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine is one of the important centers that have sought and are still striving, with serious and vigorous steps, to perpetuate the valuable heritage of rare books and manuscripts, and to preserve them from damage according to scientific methods followed globally.

Despite the short period of time for its establishment, which is ten years, the Center was able to restore life to hundreds of manuscripts, sources and documents dating back to different eras, in addition to the Noble Qur’an copies after they were held captive on shelves, and subject to extinction and deterioration due to the factor of time and lack of care. The Center's staff, with their experience, are able to make these books come alive and be a source and reference for researchers and specialists.

The Center abounds with a set of modern and advanced devices and equipment used by the staff for a high quality results.

The Center consists of five sections that work as a beehive and in an integrated manner, as they work together to restore the spirit in the manuscript. The sections are:

  • Biological laboratory.
  • Chemical laboratory.
  • Restoration.
  • Artwork and decoration.
  • Manuscript treasury.

As a result of the foregoing, the Center has become one of the important specialized stations in this field, whether inside or outside Iraq.
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