The start of the second phase of the administrative development program about modern management and administrative leadership.

The Department of Development and Sustainable Development at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has inaugurated the second phase of its development program called (Administrative Empowerment), which is intended for the assistant heads of departments and external sites of the Holy Shrine, after they passed the first phase and its tests.
This stage addresses two main axes:
The first: Theories of modern management, presented by Dr. Mohamed Hassan Jaber, head of the department, in which he will address: Modern management in organizations - Duties and responsibilities of the manager in building modern management - Leadership and behavioral skills of managers - The importance of strategic planning at different administrative levels - Modern methods of problem solving and decision-making In addition to other points reinforced with practical aspects.
The second: Administrative leadership and team building, presented by Dr. Maher Hamid, Dean of the Technical Institute in Karbala, in which he will introduce the participants to the concept of the team-work, the mechanisms for building it, the importance of developing the team spirit among the participants in the team-work, and introducing the administrative tools used by effective work teams in a practical manner. The course also contributes to learning the skills necessary for the administrative leadership of the work team, in addition to introducing them to the administrative tools that contribute to the success of the team-work.
This course was divided into two morning and evening sessions of three hours each, and lasts for eight days, in the hall of the Imam al-Hadi Complex (peace be upon him).
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