For the first time in Iraq: El-Abbas Holy Shrine hoosts a conference for the International Quran Foundations

Within the activities of the Ebil El-Fedil (PBUH) First International Quran Conference, the El-Abbas Holy Shrine held a conference for the international Quran foundations.

Through the conference, many issues suggested by the participants. The focus of the conference was on obtaining the best means for improving the level of the Quran field.

Some of the discussed issues were:
1. Founding an international league which combines all the Quran foundations in the world.
2. Adopting Quran projects that aim at operate according to a long strategy based on unanimous view.
3. Legislating laws for each Quran foundation.
4. Holding constant meetings among all the Quran foundations in order to inform of the experience of each foundation and benefit from them.
5. Adopting a unified method in order to join with the educational system according to each stage of study.
6. Following the most modern means of in managing each Quran foundation and its staff.
7. 7. Twinning all the Quran foundations around the world in terms of cross-fertilizing ideas and exchanging experiences.
8. Taking care of the media scope of each foundation. As well as founding a satellite channel deals with the Quranic field.
9. Expanding the various Quranic contests.
10. Forming a following committee to follow up the decisions after being unanimously agreed upon.
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